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Title: Purple Emperor (Apatura iris)Canon 5D Mark III
Purple Emperor (Apatura iris) (4)
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To Belgerdy: Purple Emperor roycp Silver Note Writer [C: 0 W: 0 N: 12] (78)::2012-06-25 14:36
I agree, I can't think of an issue with somthing a low in the food chain as a butterfly, especially where it would be a new population, so no chance of 'infecting' a wild colony and it is native in other areas of the UK.

I'm convinced by the theory of 'islandisation' in the UK we have destroyed most of the woodland creating islands where the remaining population becomes so inbred that it eventually dies out. The only solution is to join the islands or artificially introduce fresh DNA from one of the other islands.
Re: To Belgerdy: Purple Emperor Belgerdy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 294 W: 6 N: 877] (7664)::2012-06-25 15:07
That's what we were doing here in the netherlands, connecting smaller reserves, but the last government stopped all that