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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the comment. I do not mind to share information. In short, perseverance my friend and knowledge of the object you are photographing. Most of the Bee-eaters have the same hunting techniques. they perch on a branch, waits for insects to fly pass and then nabs them. If you have studied their behavior you will see that they suddenly fly upwards (some times downwards) grabs the prey in flight and returns to the same branch where they start softening the prey by whacking it against the branch and squashing it with their bill. Then they do the most amazing thing that has always been fascinating to me every time I see it. They toss the dead prey into they air in line with their bill, catch it and swallow (as this photo indicates).
While driving in the Etosha game reserve in Namibia (past December) I noticed this Bee-eater perched on a branch near the road I was driving on and straight away I knew what was going to happen. I stopped my vehicle, positioned my bean bag, placed my camera and lens on it, focused on the same branch and waited. When the action started I just snapped away on continuous shoot. After reading your comment I counted the photographs taken of this same bird and came to a count of 87. I have quite a few photographs in a similar position with different insects. Total time spent on this spot was about 50 minutes with open window, 42 degrees Celsius and a lot of flies and mosquitoes.
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