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The truth is that this little owl has a feature that I think is unique. Instead of having a conventional nest nests in burrows in the ground. Some dug for themselves, others, taking advantage of the lairs of some vermin. In Argentina, the Owl known as the "vizcachas". Since in the vast Pampas plains, it was common exploited tunnels dug by a large rodent is known as "Vizcacha" (Lagostomus maximus) that can measure up to 60 cm and living in tunnels up to 20 meters and up to 50 families individuals. This owl nests in burrows even with these great vizcachas nesting, since in a symbiotic relationship makes daytime sentinel, while the rest rodents. Because vizcachas are nocturnal habits. And Athene cunicularia are diurnal (another hallmark of owls and other owls). To catch perch on a branch or poles of human, from there fly trapping rodents and small reptiles.

The animal I found: under the cover of a Japanese creeping pine (alien species) probably was caught in instances of discovering a cave under the pine and was cornered between me and him (at least I guess, maybe had an accident and was there somewhat stunned ... You know that Jean-Maire? Neither :)

Anyway, I hope I have clarified something ...

Another contribution: At a time when the pampa was crossed daily by primitive "natives" (the gauchos, mestizos of Spanish and Indian) and the indigenous tribes, both great riders, the "vizcacheras" were a great danger because they were nearby excavations to the surface and where often the horses broke their legs, with their riders falling sometimes with deadly consequences.

Un gran abrazo desde Argentina,
Hernán Ernesto Bortondello.
Title: Athene cunicularia
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