To imageme: Thanks Annaxsubmariner::2014-03-16 18:37
Thanks Anna,

It has been a long, cold winter. In fact I love winter and it has provided many opportunities for me to get out and photograph nature. Yesterday I was out photographing a waterfall and when I had traversed across a ravine to get a shot, I went down to the foot of the falls and fell. Unfortunately my camera went into the water. I am drying it out, but I think it may be damaged beyond repair. If that is the case it will be some weeks before I can get a new camera. I will keep my fingers crossed and in the meantime pout up some more nature shots from this winter. Thanks again for your comments
Title: Bitten off More than I can Chew
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To imageme: Thanks Anna xsubmariner (52)::2014-03-16 18:37