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In Asia, red deer are found from Turkey and Iran through Central Asia, Siberia, Mongolia and northern China.

Apart from man, the same predators (brown bears, wolves, Eurasian lynx, wild boars) in Europe also inhabit Asia except that there are also Asiatic black bears, dholes, Siberian tigers, leopards (including Amur leopards), and snow leopards that prey on red deer and wapitis.
Red deer first appear in fossil records around 13 million years ago[citation needed] in Eurasia somewhere around lowlands and mountain ranges of Central Asia and Western China.

For centuries, the wild deer of Britain were reserved exclusively for royalty to hunt. William I of England introduced the death penalty for killing a deer, and a sentence of maiming for attempting to kill a deer. These harsh penalties were abolished during the reign of Henry III, although deer were still preserved by law for the sport of the monarch until the 19th century.
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Persian Red Deer hamidazhari (109)::2006-06-13 09:29