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Title: Loch Tulla Reflections in SummerCanon EOS 350D
Loch Tulla Reflections in Summer (92) *
Aramok Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 896 W: 101 N: 1501] (5166)
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To Evelynn: Staightening Aramok Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 896 W: 101 N: 1501] (5166)::2007-08-01 0:11
Sometime a go it was pointed out to me on one of my photos that the best way to ensure that the horizon is straight when it is not actually visible and you have a peak reflected in water, is that the top of the actual peak and the reflected top of the same peak in the reflection should be able to be joined by a perpendicular line (exactly vertical). But becuase of the UWA lens it is not possible in this picture.

The grasses are dark in the foreground becuase we were in shade at the time... I have lightened them slightly using the layers and masks.... but maybe not enough?

As for the saturated reflection, this is something I have seen in a lot of other pictures as well... It is apparently something to do with the water acting as a polariser as well... I guess it is something that I will have to live with becuase it is a natural event.

The area that you are looking at is (almost) totally uninhabited, almost totally in that there is a residence not far from the loch edge and then there is actually another one up a dirt track hidden in the forest some miles up the glen... but for all intents and purposes there are less people there than you can fit in a small car!

Re: To Evelynn: Staightening Evelynn Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2025 W: 741 N: 3285] (14454)::2007-08-01 9:25
That's funny... Yes I understand the perpendicular rule of reflections. I've tried explaining it here on TN a few times. I've had to learn it for my painting. It was just that you said you tried "straightening the peaks". If you had said straightening the image, or rotating to straighten I might have caught on but "straightening the peaks" was so baffling I just had to ask... sorry, I am slow sometimes. It is such a strong image, and the water line seems straight enough... I don't think anyone would have noticed. Using those ultra wide angle lenses can be tricky. Sometimes if they weren't held perfectly level then one has to "skew" the image a bit in pp... otherwise straightening one part often messes up another as you said. But I do love those lenses.

As to the saturated reflection. l have often seen the opposite effect... where one has used a GND on the sky so that the sky is nicely saturated and its reflection washed out. Your reflection is wonderful.

Evelynn : )