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Leaving TN marhowie Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5731 W: 1197 N: 98] (486)::2007-03-21 20:31
It has been great, awesome actually - (awesome is over-used BTW..) ;}} (Have I over-used the smiley guy?)
BUT FOR MANY reasons, along with my own set of life problems, inability to cope, numerous insecurities..(most usually unfounded & unreasonable), I am leaving this site. I know I've said it many times before, but this time I mean it.
My wife has been diagnosed this week with conjestive heart failure.
She should be in the hospital, but is trying to seek a REDUCTION of the fluid around her heart with medication. A friend from HS I played football with has advanced prostrate cancer. My best friend, the best person you could ever know. FATHER OF TWO YOUNG BOYS. HE IS A BROTHER IN CHRIST. Is say this not to convert anyone. I just want whatever friends I have here to know my beliefs..On top of it all
My chihuahua Daisy went to the vets today for removal of a tumor in her mammary glands..Malignant. We take so much for granted. Life is transient at best.
I use to think large dogs were the only meaningful expression of a dog. No more. I think dogs are Gods gift to man. SMALL SMART CUTE FAST, AGILE, DEVOTED..NEED I GO ON?
Anyway I digress. I'm not focused. I beg your understanding
I'm not a particularly emotional man, but of late I find it hard to shoot anything..(actually "shoot" should be done away with).
If you believe in the resurrection as I do, and that Christ rose on the third day, pray for me.
Sorry to inject religion here, but at this time...well it's what sustains me.....I like alot of dots.....it gives me pause :)
See ya on the rebound and my best wishes in all your creations.
Re: Leaving TN loot Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5524 W: 722 N: 4163] (11276)::2007-03-21 23:46
Howard, Howard, Howard, my dear friend.

This is a sad day with terrible news indeed. You would surely and sorely be missed by many Trekkies and of course by one of your biggest "fans"...me.

I sincerely hope and believe there are outcomes and solutions to your personal reasons mentioned. I for one will honestly and earnestly pray for you, your wife, and your loved ones. I am not going to drag out this goodbye, it is difficult enough as it is, but I just want to say THANK YOU for every thing you meant for me here on TrekNature and even off the site as well. I have learned so much from you and I have enjoyed and cherished your friendship over the past 14 months.

Go well my friend and may the peace of Christ be with you wherever you go and in whatever you do.

Sincerely and with warmest regards.

PS. I just hope you don't go as far as to remove your valuable photos from the site. I am sure it would still educate and inspire many TN members in years to come. And anyhow, I still have that hope that says we will still see more from you in the distant future.
Re: Leaving TN SunnysideSandy (0)::2007-03-21 23:52
Howard - I'm new here and I've not even looked at any of your photos.

This post kinda puts me off even being here.

EVERYONE has troubles and problems in life at some point or another and whilst I empathise with you for your current misfortune......(pause)......surely this isn't the place to "redeem your soul" or whatever else you're trying to do.

Personally, I was somewhat flabberghasted that your poor wife got about a line of attention in your post whereas your dog got almost three times as much. Ok this is a nature related site but in my opinion its taking things too far!

Religion ought not to be injected here or indeed anywhwere else unless it is a religion related site.

If I was in your situation I'd take my thumb out of my mouth, give myself a shoogle and get on with the trials and hurdles that are facing me. People close to you are needing you to be strong and need a whole lot of support right now.

Don't sit about feeling sorry for yourself or waiting on some kind of miraculas intervention - because if/when it doesn't happen you'll only regret not being more proactive and in touch with peoples needs and torture yourself all the more.

At very least, aim to inspire and give strength and encouragement to those people needing you at a difficult stage in their lives - if you can't manage that then make them smile as it'll make them feel good. Hey and give the dog a bone - sure to make it happy.

I wish you all the best Howard.

Re: Leaving TN horia Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2158 W: 224 N: 4749] (16656)::2007-03-22 5:03
Howard, i'm very sorry to hear this :((

I fully agree with Loot on this one and feel that more than a "Good bye" we should say a big "Thank you" for all your contribution and help here on TN. In numerous times you gave us all good advices and showed us some things we would probably have learned in 10 times the time if it weren't for you. More than that, you also managed to put a smile on our face once in a while, with your "awesome" [:)))] photos and notes. So for all that you did for us all, we are in your dept!

This news really saddens me and i believe in times like this the only thing you can rely on in faith... I wish you all health above all and may God be with you. I hope that in time, once these problems have passed, we will hear from you (maybe not a post here...but just an update on you and your loved ones' situation).

There is no need to make this long...i believe you know what i wanted to say...
Cheers my good friend
Re: Leaving TN flagman Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 351 W: 44 N: 607] (2408)::2007-03-22 7:09
To Howard:
I'm very sorry to hear your bad news. I hope that everything works out for you.
You will be missed on the site. I hope that your images will remain to provide inspiration for those less skilled than you.
To Sandy:
Maybe you didn't realise it, but just a quick look at Howard's intro page would have told you; he is a long-established member here, with many friends. All he was doing was providing an explanation to his friends for his departure, which, I expect, would have been requested had he not given one in advance. Give the guy a break!
Re: Leaving TN Runnerduck Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 381 W: 57 N: 616] (1851)::2007-03-22 8:08
Howard, one of my ultimate favourite people on this site. I still have your little 'post-it' note from the lenses here on my desk. 'Happy Hunting!!'.

Take your time and deal with all the hurdles you have to face in life. We all have them at some point, yes some are greater than others, but just be there for your family and friends, that is what is important now.

I will miss you deeply and hope that one day you will return to inspire us yet again.

Your dear friend - Julia x
Re: Leaving TN SunToucher Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2385 W: 237 N: 3033] (11162)::2007-03-22 8:47
Dear Howard,
Very said to see you leave, but with full understanding I support your decision. I hope that you wife, your dog, and best friend will heal soon, so that your soul will have some peace of mind as well.

I whish you all the best.

Re: Leaving TN sAner Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1455 W: 74 N: 1426] (4750)::2007-03-22 15:02
Dear Howard,

I am very, very sorry to hear about your problems and I hope things will settle down eventually. My thoughts are with you, your wife and your loved ones. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Please don't give up on photography but rather seek comfort in it. I hope we will remain to have contact in some way. I know I haven't e-mailed you in a long time nor have I logged into this site often in the past months to look at your astonishing photos, but I sincerely hope this doesn't mean we have to say goodbye forever.

All the best!

Best regards,

@Sandy; you should be ashamed of yourself for writing the words you wrote. Howard belongs to most respected people of this site, a backbone member and a lot of people will miss him now he's gone. Howard was around when this site started. He's one of the most friendly, sincere and skilled people attending this site. How dare you question his sincerity and then your words about his wife ... Shame on you Sandy! I hope you decide to leave this asap.
Re: Leaving TN vanderschelden Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2553 W: 74 N: 7464] (30441)::2007-03-22 15:04
I'm so sorry, Howard.
You were and are and shall be really SOME-BODY here.
I liked your photos but also your notes, replies,...whatever.
And I will miss them...
Further on I'm not so good in words. Certainly not now...
"Thanks For Sharing, Howard."
And see ya!
Re: Leaving TN vanderschelden Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2553 W: 74 N: 7464] (30441)::2007-03-22 15:04
I'm so sorry, Howard.
You were and are and shall be really SOME-BODY here.
I liked your photos but also your notes, replies,...whatever.
And I will miss them...
Further on I'm not so good in words. Certainly not now...
"Thanks For Sharing, Howard."
And see ya!
Re: Leaving TN sAner Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1455 W: 74 N: 1426] (4750)::2007-03-22 15:04
I forgot the word 'site' in between 'this' and 'asap', but I guess you understood me.
Re: Leaving TN nglen Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2883 W: 30 N: 9683] (36145)::2007-03-22 17:27
Daer Howard ,after seeing your name mentioned in my forum i had a look at yours, although i do not know you i feel for you at this sad time in your life, and hope all goes well in the very near future. i took the time to look at your pictures and only hope you leave them on TN for all to see and learn from them. And hope to see more in the future if and when you feel the time is right for you.
all the best.

Nick Glen
Re: Leaving TN daveman Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 24 W: 2 N: 44] (172)::2007-03-22 18:56
Dear Howard,

I haven't met you, but your portfolio is very well done. Clearly photography has had something to offer you through the years, and I suggest you think twice before major changes. We all go through phases, where the camera doesn't offer the appeal that it once did. You've hit a rough patch, but that doesn't mean that your life is over. Sure, put the camera down for now, and focus on supporting your wife. However I do suggest that you leave your postings on the site, and maybe visit in a year or so. Old friends would certainly welcome you back. Also, photography might one day offer you a strange release of tension, if you spend a lot if time shuffling her off to cardiology visits.

Incidentally, you are clinically depressed. Obviously a situation has precipitated this, but depression may be a problem that your personal physician can help with. Copy the note that you typed for us here, and show it to your doc as an icebreaker. You might be surprised at what can be done, especially when you look back at this time from the distant future.

Dave (MD)
Re: Leaving TN jmp Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1659 W: 95 N: 2273] (8415)::2007-03-22 19:46
Hello Howard,
I still can remember Texas Sunset sky goodbye and this time I can not say goodbye again; minitripod and handmade flash diffuser come with me as amulets to make you even physically present in my photographic sessions. Life is certainly short and maybe it is a transient but your memory will remain.
Be strong in these hard moments and simply let life goes.
I do mine Loot's words. My poor English is not rich enough to reply you as I would like mf.
José M.
Re: Leaving TN lovenature Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 987 W: 52 N: 1787] (6391)::2007-03-22 23:44
Hi Howard
My heart goes out to you! Only you know what is the right thing to do here and I know your doing it.

Life can throw many curve balls our way and by getting through these hard times we become a better person.
Take care and maybe we will see you again here on TN.
PS Thank you for your help and advise.
Re: Leaving TN ellis49 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3434 W: 331 N: 505] (2254)::2007-03-23 0:12
Hi Howrad,
I'm very sorry to hear your bad news. I hope that everything works out for you.
I will have you in my mind and my thoughts will be with you, even if I'm not a beliver.
We have became Friends during the past years, and I will miss you if you leave and I'm not the only one, a lot of members seen you as a mentor.
I hope you just take a break from TN as long sa you need and return when you can.

Warmest regards.
Your Friend
Re: Leaving TN manyee Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3089 W: 230 N: 6774] (23770)::2007-03-23 4:09
Dear Howard,
Wow... I don't know what to say!
I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours!
I am sending you and your loved ones healing vibes from California.
It used to be your home, so they must count for something.
I want you to know that I consider you a friend and a mentor.
You have been so kind and so encouraging to me, and have taught me so much.
I deeply value your friendship and appreciate all you have done for me, and many others.
You are one of the most respected members of this community.
I will be on the look-out for you when you come back.
Be strong and keep the faith.
Re: Who Is This Sandy??? coasties Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3749 W: 483 N: 8155] (28054)::2007-03-23 5:14
Good on you Pieter!! Thumbs up to you my friend! Obviously Sandy has no comprehension of the friendships that have developed within this website. Howard is a friend and mentor and it is his right to share his problems with his friends if he so wishes. I find the above post from Sandy offensive.

Howard by now you will have my email. Take care my friend. You will be in my thoughts
Re: Leaving TN dew77 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 4432 W: 248 N: 4028] (13270)::2007-03-23 11:54
Hi Howard,
I'm sorry to hear your problems and hope this bad period for you will come to an end soon.
I will miss you mf.
Re: Leaving TN JeanMichel Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 633 W: 87 N: 938] (2864)::2007-03-23 12:59
Hello Howard,
Too many bad news at once. I sincerely hope you'll overcome this very soon. I've been away from the site for a while, but still remain in contact with a few great TN people. Kind of people you know they exist somewhere in the world and that they share many things with you. I'm sure you'll be encouraged by many of your friends and that this will help you a lot.
I just noted this in your message
"I think dogs are Gods gift to man." .....DEVOTED..NEED I GO ON?"
No, I know what you mean. The best therapy you can imagine!
So, if the worse happens to her, and if I may talk by experience, never leave your home without a dog for the future.

Re: Leaving TN hester Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1515 W: 18 N: 3165] (11638)::2007-03-23 15:37
Hi Howard

Sorry to hear about what is happening in your life. I wish you all the best. I just wanted to say that one of your photos (Not A Hummer) is one of my all time favourites on TN and that you have made a big impression on this site (and on me). I wish you and all your loved ones all the best

Re: Leaving TN Janice Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3277 W: 148 N: 6163] (18832)::2007-03-23 16:33
Hi Dear Friend,
You have had a lot of worries thrown at you right now. But remember you have a lot of friends here who feel your hurt and pain, and care for you dearly.

I have emailed you my thoughts and concern, and I will end this by saying that I too will pray for you and Mary and your friend, and I will join in with Loot's prayer:

May the peace of Christ be with you wherever you go and in whatever you do.

And I know He will.

See you around MF
Re: Leaving TN Argus Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5038 W: 260 N: 15594] (50626)::2007-03-23 16:51
Hello Howard,
During my 8 months on TN I had soon found you to be one of the most cherished members. Your photographic skills and knowlege, your advice and constructive critiques, your humor and first class photos will be missed by all who have had contact with you.
If your religion is not sufficient in this difficult time you may perhaps get some comfort in the knowledge that you are a great plus on TN and that many TN-ers wish you and your family all that you wish yourself.
Hope to see you back, Ivan
Re: Leaving TN AnimalExplorer Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1010 W: 6 N: 334] (1997)::2007-03-23 17:11
Well I was making a post about Jeff Corwin being attacked by elephants, and then I saw this post'Leaving TN' I just cant believe it. Not only do you yourself mean a lot to the people here Howard but the people mean a lot to you as well or you would at least think we do. We may not be there physically but we are on your screen as well as in your soul. I am very sad by your unfortunate news, I'd rather you just take some time off and come back when you feel better about things. I love your comments they are always uplifting and adds to the confidence I sometimes feel I don't have at times. You are a truly gifted person, your images speak for themselves, you are also a witty crafty individual and I love your sense of humor not to mention you are a great poem writer. As you can tell I cant write worth crap when you look at my post or comments, I have to envy people like you. I truly hope your wife gets better she is the most important person on this big blue rock we call Earth, so you stick at her side right now, it seems she needs you most right now. Please don't go. In the meantime you can give me your username and password and I'll post images in your stead(That's of course if my images are good enough to meet your standards), that way people think you are still here. Oh yeah I don't think you come across as a 'callous person you seem more on the gentle side like a big teddy bear. As for your friend I hope he gets better, but that's probably wishful thinking. I know what you are feeling about your pet dog, it is very sad to know you will eventually lose Daisy someday, as I have lost a few pets myself, Life can sometimes suck.

Your Friend
Paul :)
Re: Leaving TN Signal-Womb Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1020 W: 58 N: 2904] (11094)::2007-03-23 18:41
So sorry to hear this sad news Howard. I knew you were having it tough lately but all this is very unfortunate. I truly hope things improve and you find your inner strength to get through this difficult time. TN without Howard would not be quite the same for me as you welcomed, encouraged and humoured me right from my beginnings on this site. I hope your decision to leave will not be final and above all your wife, friend and little treasured dog greatly improve.

Your friend
Re: Leaving TN claudine Gold Star Critiquer [C: 2486 W: 0 N: 0] (0)::2007-03-23 18:44
I’m so sorry to hear about these situations…

Thanks for your friendship, your help and your contribution here. I learned so much from you and I sincerely enjoyed your presence and kindness. I wish you strength and faith and I also wish you the best to you and your loved ones. I know what you are going through…

You can send me signing squirrels anytime Howard. Thanks my dear friend and don't forget that "today is a great day to be alive" :))) With my warmest regards and friendship,
Bye, bye Howard.

Re: Leaving TN Alex99 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 4072 W: 133 N: 7096] (23735)::2007-03-24 12:38
Dear Howard.

News about the misfortunes, which have fallen down on your family and relatives, has deeply wounded my heart. It is even more painfully because we can help by nothing. Despite of your decision to leave a site, you will remain with us, you will be with us by your excellent pictures, detailed notes, exact comments. You will remain in our hearts, in our memory.

You know, that here are many your friends. And we shall wait for you irrespective of the fact how there will be your destiny, and irrespective of your future decision.

Now I can tell only, that all my thoughts and feelings are with you. There can be that hundreds friends think of you, wish you successful overcoming of vital barriers and advertise will promote somehow the decision of these problems.

With my heart wishes and love,
Re: Leaving TN Silvio2006 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 6690 W: 90 N: 16812] (102073)::2007-03-24 14:23
Hi Howard, i hope that you soon return with us, cheers
Re: Leaving TN ramthakur Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 4316 W: 231 N: 14052] (56953)::2007-03-24 14:26
Dear Howard,

We are with you in your moment of distress.
Don't despair; everything will be alright with God's grace.
Time never stands still; bad phases come and go in our lives.
Do what you are expected to do.
That is the essence of the philosophy of karma in the Bhagavada Geeta -- the Hindu scripture.
Om shantih, shantih, shantih . . . let the peace be with you!

Re: Leaving TN Evelynn Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2025 W: 741 N: 3285] (14454)::2007-03-24 14:52
What a blessing it must be for you to see how you and your work has inspired and brought pleasure to so many. Those beautiful creations will help sustain you in this difficult time. They are a part of you, and are a reflection of you and your sensitive, creative spirit. Redirect that energy and love to those around you. Your plate is very full right now, to be sure. I completely understand your need to focus on other issues. Thank you for your contribution to TN. You will be missed but never forgotten... and most of us will still be here if you want to come for a visit now and then. : ) Take care.

Re: Leaving TN IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102)::2007-03-25 0:03
Howard's message and this outpouring from veteran TN'ers is very touching.

I hope to improve the newbie response thus far by saying 1) Howard's message inspired me to look at his pictures, 2) they are fantastic and 3) thank you so much, Howard, for greatly enriching TN. Your investments here will continue to bear fruit, even as you turn your energies elsewhere.

More importantly, as a human being, Howard has reached out to tell us he's facing some of the greatest difficulties any of us will ever face. Amidst all that, he's looking inward to tackle demons most of us would rather ignore. There should be no forum where this message is inappropriate. He has bravely offered us a viewpoint by which we may all appreciate our blessings. And our challenges! If we choose to accept it...

I hope Howard's creativity brings him closer to Creation, especially when all else seems to be falling apart. Godspeed.

This from an agnostic-turned-Balinese-Hindu. To each his own!!
Hope we see you again ... somewhere LordPotty Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1381 W: 144 N: 3872] (12503)::2007-03-25 5:31
Well Howard ... I haven't been around so much lately as I was in the old days, but I have such fond memories of the many photos and discussions we shared.
You were one of the earliest core members,an outstanding photographer,and a valued critic and friend to many of us.
You always took the time to share your excellent knowledge,and you were always honest and straight up.
It was sad to read of all your troubles,and my heart goes out to you.
We had the odd disagreement here and there,but like good friends,we always worked through them and stuck together.
I'm sure all the people who really knew you here over the years have nothing but the utmos respect for you,as a friend and a photographer.
I hope we see you somewhere around,even if its only in National Geographic.
You will be missed here on Trek Nature,and I'm sure those who knew you all wish you the very best. Go well my friend.
Re: Leaving TN Dyker Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 136 W: 0 N: 57] (170)::2007-03-25 5:59
Hello Howard
Although we have never crossed roads here on Treknature I do feel like I know you a little through a mutual and great friend of both of us. Through him I have heard and learned a lot about you and your imposing presence on the site. I worked through your wonderful photographic work on a number of occasions and it is a real pity to loose someone of your calibre. Just remember one thing though, no matter how lonely you might feel in days, weeks, or months to come, the Treknature community is always here and we are thinking of you. Drop us a note or whatever you deem fit and we will respond in whichever way to try and comfort you. I know there is maybe not much we can do directly, but indirectly or through a word of encouragement we can repay the kindness you have shown many Treknature members through the years.
Greetings (Texas big guy)

PS. I was also wondering who this Sandy is, but I see she is gone with the wind like dandruff.
Re: Leaving TN TAZ Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2241 W: 47 N: 3167] (10926)::2007-03-25 6:01

I am not good in English language, but I think that I have understand your message...
Then I am sad and it is difficult for me to write the good words to wish you to be strong in front of this difficult period.
For me your are the MASTER and a model for us ! Because of you we learn a lot here on TN. It was a honor to meet you on Internet.

Bonne chance et bon courage mon Ami ! ! !

Re: Leaving TN pankajbajpai Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1470 W: 102 N: 4711] (16627)::2007-03-25 12:32
Hi Howard,

You are one of the most cherished members here on Trek Nature.Your leaving TN is really sad for lot of other members like me who are less skilled and learn a lot from you. Your posts , Notes & critiques were always excellent.

I hope that this phase will also pass away soon & prey to almighty to give strenght to you to copeup with tough times & May your wife get well soon.

I still hope to see you back here someday when everything gets allright,
my best wishes to you,
Re: Leaving TN Pentaxfriend Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 514 W: 24 N: 1888] (8048)::2007-03-25 14:25
Hi Howard,

I have been deeply shocked concerning you leave at TN.
I understand you motivation
Your posts, Notes & critiques have been very instructive for me.
I wish you and your family all the bests
You will be missed

Best Regards Thijs
Re: Leaving TN aido Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor [C: 1044 W: 156 N: 1218] (4046)::2007-03-25 14:38
Hey Bud,
As I said I'm shocked at what life has thrown at you and at your decision to leave, but I understand that decision and I know you can get yourself and those around you through these difficult times. Be strong and we all hope to see you back here sometime, you're part of the soul of this place.
Re: Leaving TN- Praying goutham_ramesh Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 835 W: 154 N: 2871] (12237)::2007-03-26 13:17
Hi Howard,
I'm not sure whether you would be reading it but i want to express myself here.
I would like to start with a quote by Gandhi "Prayer, Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action".
And i cant disagree with such a great soul. I'm moved by your message and my prayers are for you, may GOD give you strength and blessings.
You have been a great "Photo Artist" and your pictures have always been an inspiration and will continue to be. Thanks for all that!!

Goutham R
Re: Leaving TN MommaMiaX3 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 99 W: 0 N: 215] (737)::2007-03-27 0:54

I don't know you, have admired your amazing creations. So sorry that you are having a down time in your life, my prayers and thoughts will be with you. May you be lifted up from your sadness and given relief. May you feel love and support wherever you go. Take care and Keep the Faith.

Much Love,
Re: Leaving TN Matt-Bird Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 303 W: 33 N: 400] (1942)::2007-03-28 9:54
Hi Howard,
Im hoping for the best for your wife and you, as well as your best friend. Life is good at throwing the worst things at people but thanks to you, you helped show me (and many others) how to try to capture those beautiful moments in life. Whether it be from your comments or your photos and so I am sorry to see you leave treknature. I fully understand your reason and priorities, all I can say is thankyou for your inspiration. Im not a religious man but I do believe in the inherent good will of people, although at times hard to see but I sincerely send you my heart felt wishes, thoughts and hopes to you and your wife.
Re: Leaving TN greenpinkorange Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 280 W: 94 N: 415] (1789)::2007-03-28 10:49
Dear Howard,
It is sad to know that you have to leave TN.
I have had lotsa a fun looking at your pictures and learning from them

I'm sorry to hear about your family conditions, but he who believes in Christ, will know His power in healing. If you believe, He will be faithful. I will pray for you. Leave it God's hands.

God Bless and i hope that one day you'll be back to share this love for photography again.

Not a recall meyerd Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 585 W: 64 N: 2238] (7531)::2007-03-28 16:29
Dear Howard,
Anne (anel) has told me that there were bad news from you on the forum to check. Was she ever right, your good-bye is indeed bad news to us TN enthusiasts. But that is of no importance compared to the bad news you had to digest.

So let me say this: I started my apprenticeship on TN a short while ago and----zoom--- right away you stood "by my side" and made delightfully funny and sometimes critical comments on my modest pics. And each time this happened I was elated. It was a little like having won a friend. Unfortunately I was unable to show my affinity to you.

Howard, let me without falling into any pathos say that, should you choose to travel (change air or whatever reason you might have) , my home will be wide open to you: Stay as long as you want, bring your wife with you, use our car etc.. Annelies (she knows of you through me) and I would be delighted to have you. You don't have to respond to this, don't have to give excuses or whatever. Just keep it in mind. I confess that we are not believers, but not cynical old farts either. We nevertheless believe in the healing force of humour. You have it!
Please give my best wishes to your wife. Complete recovery is what I wish for her.

So long, Howard,
Yours sincerely, Dietrich
Re: Leaving TN carper Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1973 W: 119 N: 2582] (8439)::2007-03-30 13:35
well Howard, dear friend.
I wish you and your wife mary a good fight against this hart fealure. Never give up. Together you must fight. I know you as a good guy a master in animal shots. the mentor here on treknature. Yes Howard, when I read it all this sadness there where tears in my eyes. My wife Teunie told me that there was something with you Howard and after this I read it here on the forum. Howard, Mary don't give up. I, we will pray for you and Mary.
a friend.
Re: Leaving TN marhowie Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5731 W: 1197 N: 98] (486)::2007-03-30 13:44
Thank you Jaap, you've been a good friend.
Mary is going in the hospital today for week of bed-rest. The medication has been changed, because the current one is not working.

I'm sorry today that I wrote such a long good-bye in this forum..I was in an emotional state when I wrote, perhaps not the best time.
But I tried to speak from my heart.
Keep Well mf,
Re: Leaving TN jeanpaul Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2097 W: 99 N: 3518] (14962)::2007-03-30 13:47
Bonjour Howard
Je sius désolé d'apprendre que tu as quitté le site .car tes photos étaient de toutes beautés et nous poussaient a essayer de nous surpasser nous les débutants et mêmes les experts.
Je te souhaite a toi et ta famille beaucoup de courage dans votre malheur qui vous frappe.
Vous allez être assisté dans cette épreuve par cet être suprême en qui tu crois beaucoup.

Au plaisir d'avoir de tes nounelles prochainement
mes pensées positives sont avec vous-autres.

Amitié `....Jean-Paul
Re: Leaving TN marhowie Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5731 W: 1197 N: 98] (486)::2007-03-31 20:14
Hello Paul,

Mary is on bed-rest and medication now. She is scheduled to see a specialist (cardiologist) on Monday..They are not sure what is causing the CHF yet.
She has severe shortness of breath on exertion.

When I wrote in the forum, it was "off the top of my head", in a conversational tone..
I was in an emotional state-of-mind. Could you tell? Anyway, all of it hit me hard suddenly that day...I've been diagnosed by the TN doc I see :)

I know some may have mis-construed my words..No matter.
My friends can read between the lines.

Thanks for your understanding & support mf.

Keep well,
Howard (Bruce) Cheek
PS - Thanx for the offer, but I'll have to pass on the postings-in-my-stead OK.
Re: Leaving TN loot Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5524 W: 722 N: 4163] (11276)::2007-03-31 23:37
Hi Howard

Pardon me for butting in on this direct or personal reply to Paul, but…

You don't need to explain to Paul or as a matter of fact to anyone here at TN, because I think we all (well most of us sober think members anyway) understand what's it all about, but it just shows what a first class guy you really are. No fear to face and tackle the "dragons".

Most of us know what it is or how it feels to go through a tough patch in life, but that does not mean that our whole world falls apart or that we are loosing grip just because we are facing realities and talk about it with friends. The TN doctor and his Sunnyside nurse should have know better than to 'voice' their "(un)professional", "unwanted", and "unasked for" opinions in the way they did, so don't you fret about those klutz’s. The main thing is that you get to terms with your situation and that Mary gets the best possible medical attention you can attain. Continued prayers, good rest, time, and the proper medication are bound to improve Mary’s condition and I am sure we will soon hear of a positive prognosis.

Something which I have not told you or any of the people here on TN before (I only told ManYee about it) is that early January 2007 I was diagnosed with cardiac failure (cardioptosis) which I contracted after a heavy flu attack, during December 2006. My heart, lungs, and kidneys took a serious knock, while the cellulites problem I already had was worsened due to the increased secretion of oedema and lymphatic juices. No need to go into all the details here, but suffice to say that I also felt like loosing it. When your own ticker attacks you it is not so easy to fight back, but the only thing you can do is to fight back, psychologically and physically. Slowly I am winning, but there is still a long uphill battle since it is really an incurable condition, but the medication and prayers are successful in easing the symptoms and therefore improving my quality of life once again.

So, as I said (hopefully, faithfully, and positively), through the continued prayers of friends, some good rest, time, and the proper medication I am sure you would soon find that Mary's condition will improve back to near normal and maybe (just maybe) we will see a lovely posting to celebrate the joyful occasion. (This doctor don't want to hear any arguments, OK.)

Take care and keep well.
Warmest regards

PS. Maybe you should have taken Paul up on his offer for "posting-in-your-stead". Who knows, it might have resulted in a pleasant variation to your portfolio (chuckle). After all, he is no slouch with a camera either and he could have enhanced your material with a fresh new injection (ha-ha-ha).
Re: Leaving TN marhowie Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 5731 W: 1197 N: 98] (486)::2007-04-01 10:00
Thank You Loot.
I sincerely appreciate your candor & understanding. It was on this "tack" that I spoke to my friends here at TN.
I will email later this week to let you know what the cardiologist finds out..
I did "loose" it that day. I felt temporarily overwhelmed with emotion, and a sense of helplessness...
But today is a sunny day, and I'm off to do some spring planting.
Perhaps I'll pick up the digicam sometime in the weeks ahead as well :)
I'll put in a word for you mf.

Re: Leaving TN extramundi Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1880 W: 338 N: 4268] (13178)::2007-04-02 11:41
I will say nothing but that you have two friends here sending you the best of our energy and good wishes for you and your family. The rest has already been said.
Re: Leaving TN cloverstar Gold Star Critiquer [C: 92 W: 0 N: 0] (0)::2007-04-02 14:52
I was very sorry to hear you are leaving TN. I have always enjoyed your shots. They will be missed here. I'd like to thank you for all the times you have visited my humble photos and although not great ones, you often left an encouraging critique.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.

I wish you all the good luck for the future.

Re: Leaving TN nick27 Gold Star Critiquer [C: 68 W: 10 N: 68] (299)::2007-04-02 16:04
i am so sad that you have to leave and I pray that your problems will be sorted out. The site will miss you
Re: Leaving TN joey Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1739 W: 224 N: 6872] (24909)::2007-04-02 16:09
Dear Howard,
your TN account was definetely one of the greatest on the site. Every time you posted a new photo you didn't let us down, with your amazing hummingbird and others that were always very well composed and inspiring.
It's very sad to hear about your friend and especially your wife, I hope they get over thier problems and your life will return to normal.
Re: Leaving TN red45 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2636 W: 74 N: 9091] (31094)::2007-04-04 13:07
Dear Howard!

My English is too poor to write what I want to write in such moment :-( I'm very sorry to hear about all your troubles. We, with Joanna, will keep fingers crossed. I hope all things will be better my friend! You will be always in our minds and memories!

God Bless you!
Re: Leaving TN SkyF Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2234 W: 188 N: 1912] (8073)::2007-04-05 8:36
Sorry to hear about your leaving and wish the cirumstances where not of such serious matter.
Wishing you and your wife all the best.

Re: Leaving TN uleko Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3396 W: 172 N: 3310] (10940)::2007-04-05 11:29
Why not post us a picture once in a while until you feel better. Whatever happens in life nature is often the best healer! I sincerely hope that your wife will recover soon and that you feel better and can return to a normal life again and be part of the TN family.
Best wishes, Ulla
Re: Leaving TN sily Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 239 W: 6 N: 395] (1934)::2007-04-05 13:14
Dear frend sorry to hear such sad news,
It may seem as a thunderstorm now, but someone will guide you trough.
And at the end of it, the sun will shine even stronger and the life will go on.I'll hoppe and pray that your wife gets better, you just need to hold on for a moment and tell her and the ones you care about how much you love them.You need to show people around you all the love, faith and comfort you can give.
I don't think there's need for leaving,just a pause, anyway TN will always be here for you and rest of good people here.
Re: Leaving TN PDP Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor [C: 2821 W: 344 N: 3779] (11769)::2007-04-08 15:25

Sorry to hear about your wife. Hope she gets well soon.

Re: Leaving TN metcher Gold Star Critiquer [C: 510 W: 12 N: 990] (4284)::2007-04-09 7:24
Sorry because of your wife. And sorry that you are leaving. We have lost one more excellent photographer.
Re: Leaving TN Fisher Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1540 W: 309 N: 2234] (8915)::2007-04-17 22:25
Gosh I'm late.

Howard, you've been an inspiration, I enjoy viewing your work. I know we had some isuues, but, we surely knocked heads together and we resolved things.
If it wasn't for College, you know I would have been one of the first to sadly see you go. I'm last. Well, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. ;)

I know we can keep contact, it sure was a blessing to have you here.

God bless you, God bless your wife and I pray that His will be done and that He answers our prayers to heal your wife. May His peace surround you and give you rest.
Blessings bro.

Re: Leaving TN Luis52 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1175 W: 8 N: 4240] (15809)::2007-04-18 0:09
Howard.- I am not to good to write in English, but I underestan what you are writing in this lenguage. The only thing I can say is God bless you and wife, and I will be praying for all of you.
Re: Leaving TN angybone Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1047 W: 14 N: 2372] (7684)::2007-04-18 21:51
God bless you!

You were always one of my absolute favorites. Because of you, I've set up a tripod near my hummingbird feeder waiting for a good shot. Got a decent one today but it was already late in the evening and had low light.

Anyway, I agree about dogs...and cats. My 15 year old sweetheart Ingrid passed away two months ago and I'm still in pain. But I believe that a God who loves us, will not take away these darlings forever. We will meet again! :)

OK..now I digress.

You and your wife and puppy will be in my prayers this evening.
Sending you much love - maybe God bless you and yours,
Re: Leaving TN gannu Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 988 W: 4 N: 3277] (14761)::2007-05-03 8:33
Hi Howard,
I am just happened to read the forum. May god give you strength and support required from all sides. I from india strongly believes in regligion and faith will try and pray for your recovery and peaceful. May god be with you. Anything if we can do for you from India please let me know.
May god be always with you.