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What's the difference... KiltedArab Silver Star Critiquer [C: 31 W: 1 N: 3] (7)::2007-04-27 5:43
...in principle between animals in Zoos and plants kept in a Botanical Garden?

Apparently someone has complained about an image I posted several weeks ago because it was taken in a Botanical Garden and therefore breaks TOS. Slightly annoying as I've posted several such images and never hidden the photographic location. Additionally, thinking about it, why in pronciple is a flower in a Botanical Garden different from an animal in a zoo?
Re: What's the difference... SunToucher Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2385 W: 237 N: 3033] (11162)::2007-04-27 6:37
Both locations are fine, but I remember that the Orchid garden in Singapore has a lot of hybrid orchids. Maybe that was the case for this flower as well. I am sure you remember seeing the little signs next to the flower stating that they created this species. In both cases the subject must be a wild species.

It is always best to list the name of the flower so that no misuderstanding can take place.

Re: What's the difference... KiltedArab Silver Star Critiquer [C: 31 W: 1 N: 3] (7)::2007-04-27 7:08
The image was removed because it was a "cultivated plant", apparently. "Cultivated" means "developed by human care, brought from wildness into a domesticated state" - i.e. not in the wild.

I have no idea if the Orchid I photographed was a hybrid or not - I took so many images there is no way I can remember their names. I would imagine only an expert would be able to tell from my snaps whether an orchid was a hybrid or not. For someone to be so petty to complain about a lowly-rated and weeks-old image on the assumption it could be a hybrid is beyond my understanding.
Re: What's the difference... SunToucher Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2385 W: 237 N: 3033] (11162)::2007-04-27 7:27
I don't think that the points the photo has gathered should matter. High or low, if it isn't wild it doesn't belong on TN.

I've reported several photos in the last couple of weeks (many of cultivated tulips) and I noticed that they were finally removed yesterday. I think that Rob was either away for a few weeks or backed up with a lot of work. This also might explain why an older photo from you was only now removed.

I did not see the photo, so I can't give you any advise if it is or isn't a wild version. I am sure that there are some internet sites that might help you to make that call yourself. Or, just visit the garden again and see what sign was written next to it.

Re: What's the difference... KiltedArab Silver Star Critiquer [C: 31 W: 1 N: 3] (7)::2007-04-27 8:34
I think the easiest solution is for me to remove everything.

Really can't be bothered with such anal pettiness over discussions regarding Orchids being hybrid or not. I'll delete everything here and stick to TL.
Re: What's the difference... PDP Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor [C: 2821 W: 344 N: 3779] (11769)::2007-04-27 9:37
Firstly, I didn't see your photograph. But rules are rules. It's ok for your subject it to be in a zoo or a botanical garden as long as it isn't domesticated/cultivated.

So, if your orchid was cultivated then that seems fair enough. I wouldn't expect to take a picture of someone's golden retriever at a zoo and expect it to stay on TN. The rules/TOS are pretty clear on this. Seeing as you took the shots at a garden you could have easily taken a picture of the label (if it had one) at the same time and then looked up when you got home.

Moaning about pettiness and then deleting all your photos is an odd thing to do. Hope to see you back.

Re: What's the difference... claudine Gold Star Critiquer [C: 2486 W: 0 N: 0] (0)::2007-04-27 10:07
Hello Rick,
I know that it could be frustrating but this is too bad that you perceived it this way... Many of us had lived this situation at least once. I had a picture removed after having being there for 6 months... It'll be nice that you changed your mind but anyway, I'll see you :)
Re: What's the difference... greenpinkorange Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 280 W: 94 N: 415] (1789)::2007-04-27 10:30
no don't go..
small problems.. easily solved..

lighten up :)

Re: What's the difference... marioana Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 137 W: 0 N: 191] (1481)::2007-04-27 12:34
Hey Richard.
Don't stress. I had one of mine removed for the same reason. After that I figured that's why they created TL & TE. If it doesn't fit on one of these sites, it'll fit on another. If it's a shot worth sharing, just decide where it's most apropriate. Many of us are members on all 3 sites and we'll all see it anyway one way or another. Hope to see more of your work soon.
Regards, Steve.
Re: What's the difference... Robbrown Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1184 W: 88 N: 2160] (6106)::2007-04-28 15:05
Hello Richard,
1st may say sorry for coming to this problem so late, and I hope what I have to say will help clear things up some what.
While I prefer to remove images the moment they appear on TN because it always causes problems when a delay has occoured, unfortunatly due to a comunication problem between the site I was not made aware of the image till the other day.
The image was removed not beause of its location but because it was identiefied as a man breed cultivar by somebody who's knowledge of orchids is far better than mine, and I grow plants for a living. I have actually asked them to double check there findings and they have sent me good proof that the particular orchid was as thought a cultivar.
As people have already mentioned in this forum there is a differance between a wild plant grown in a garden and a plant improved by the hand of man grown also in a garden. The 1st equates to wild Ass in a zoo and the 2nd a domestic Donkey in the same place, the 2nd would also be removed.
I hope this has been of some help and you feel able to allow us to leave the image removed but your account active.
Again sorry for the delay and if you have any questions please feel free to mail me direct.
yours Robert Brown (TN Moderator)
Re: What's the difference... Shoot_Score Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 445 W: 302 N: 670] (2376)::2007-04-29 1:49
It is one thing to ask for clarification about the reason for the removal of a photo, it is another thing to descend into a banal rant!

One of the ToS rules clearly states:
"Profanity, insults, and rude comments are not permitted on TrekNature."

I suggest that the text in the above comment, following "Really can't be bothered" is sufficient reason to bid KiltedArab adieu. It really demeans the whole community when
a member lacks self-control. Manners are not optional; THAT's the difference!

Jay Meeuwig
Re: I removed my picture myself ramthakur Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 4316 W: 231 N: 14052] (56953)::2007-05-02 7:11
Hi Richard,
So far as I understand, plants cultivated with human hand in a botanical garden, or any other garden/space for that matter, are not wild and hence not permissible on TN.

I removed a picture of mine posted some time back (and well received by fellow members) after coming to know of its ID from a knowledgeable member. The moment I realized that it could be construed as a cultivated plant by virtue of its name alone, I decided to remove it.

Rob Brown removed my lovely sunflowers last year which I had posted here on TN as a fresh and ignorant member :-)! It did hurt at that time until I read TOS.
Re: What's the difference... MommaMiaX3 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 99 W: 0 N: 215] (737)::2007-05-02 15:46
Ummm I am not even sure this rant deserves a reply. I had a photo removed of some flowers that I had posted in my ignorance. Hey it's no big deal, TL is certainly a place to post other photos.

I love the fact that TN is so admit about the photos that are posted here! I don't want to come on here and look at someones' pussy cat, I want to come on here and see a Bengal Tiger (preferably in the wild :)! It all has to do with the purity of the subject. Has nothing to do with the skill that we have as photographers.

Take it easy man, and enjoy the peace that we have here! That's what TN is all about!

Re: What's the difference... garyfudge Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 181 W: 5 N: 320] (1098)::2007-05-13 13:57
Hi everyone,

I've had an image deleted :-(

It was a Stargazer Lily, a hybrid, growing wild, as many now do. I even said that, but after it got to about 18 0r so, somebody took offence, so it was binned by the powers that be. :-(

However, it was a hybrid.
Yeh, some of the rules are strict, personally I don't think captive animals should be allowed at all.
However some natural parks are really good and it's the only way to get close or even allow some beasts to live now without being poached or otherwise hunted or destroyed.

Live and let live.

Get out with your camera equipment and shoot!!
Then lets see it!!