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Hi Ori, thanks for your comment. Reading your into and your background I though it may be of interest you to at least know of Barbara Klahr in Formentera. She's done soem really good documentation of the flora and fauna there. Barbara Klahr Apt. de Correos N 390. E-07860 San Francisco Javier Formentera / Baleares. Tel.: +34 971 410042. E-Mail: [email protected] She's also a great person.

I myself am a mycologist by training and botanist turned plant pathologist from Melbourne Australia although I am Swiss/Dutch. DOing mostly international development work these days.

Al the best ... I enjoyed seeing your photos ..

Best regards from LIma Peru

Title: Common Duiker in Ethiopia
Common Duiker in Ethiopia (6)
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To fragman: Thanks and Contact condorito (62)::2008-11-29 10:10