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Hallo Anna,
You are a remarkable person to notice it, but having been to Etosha on my first visit I noticed the slight gradient of the landscape in some areas. This is the beauty of nature. Having spent most of my military career with the Kalahari Bushmen, I was taught where to look for water and yes, some times we walked for kilometers on end but eventually found water. This is the beauty of the Kalahari, you have to look wide-angle 360 to determine the lowest point from where you are. Etosha is part and parcel of the largest desert in the world, the Kalahari desert. In the Etosha area this is what you get. Driving (easy due to no physical human exertion) and without any desert experience it might look like a "tilted" horizon. But no the horizon is actually as in the photo. Just a hint, look at the small part of the waterhole's water level and compare it with the sloping horizon. See what I mean? Liking Elephants, yes, but due to my liking in dark blue colours (my choice of colour when purchasing a vehicle), . . elephants do not like dark blue colours! I can write a book about close encounters with Elephants!
Best regards and enjoy your evening,
Tel Loot that my 50th upload, I will dedicate to him to include in his favourites (as I observed in my research) of "this special specie of animal only found in Etosha".
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