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Removal of "The Transplant" post RTWIMAGES (0)::2011-05-20 7:36
I recently posted an image depicting the efforts which the Chinese utilize in tree transplantation, supplying written notes, listed it under their classification of "tree" and also provided additional links for reading about the Chinese efforts for reforestation within China.

The TN moderator decides that learning about this subject, deforestation, the unique methods of tree transplantation are not within the TN terms of services.

Moderator, what is wrong with you? If you are going to have a classification for "tree" and the post is about trees and a larger topic, that being deforestation, there is a serious problem in your review process. It seems you go out of your way to defeat learning.

I have seen too many posts, especially on TE which have absolutely nothing to do with learning about the world. How does showing just a lightning bolt with little or no notes do anything for us? Yet you allow the post to remain along with others.

I believe that in your efforts to moderate this web site, you are removing good, informative post yet you are also allowing useless posts to remain.
Re: Removal of sequin (0)::2015-11-23 14:06
completely you'right pal. This site is obviously out of date, out of function I should say. I am leving it for good; advise all the same either. adios.