To Crazy-Cat: Of course its dangerous.JoeyNO::2008-06-02 8:47
The Norwegian nature are full of dangers. Every year foreign tourists are killed because they do not listen to locals. The reason for not securing places like this is that we want to preserve the nature as it is. It would also be very expencive to secure everything dangerous.
In "Pulpit Rock" there havent been any accidents with death as result in recent years as we know. There have been suicides though. I couple met on internet and agreen to jump from Pulpit Rock , the wrote a goodbye letter, went up there and jumped together. A personal tragedy I believe.

If the norwegian nature was a workground it would have been shut down by HSE regulations long time

Title: Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock (10)
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To Crazy-Cat: Of course its dangerous. JoeyNO Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 2 N: 16] (268)::2008-06-02 08:47