To Royaldevon: thank you!fanni::2008-06-30 5:22
Hello Beverley,
thank you for your kind remark!

the photo would have been an excellent shot if I had had at least a professional lens and camera to take a closeup shot! But taking photos of birds with a canon ixus... LOL
it's fantastically unreal!
and besides, it's more than a x3.8 digital zoom!

You are right about the bird's eyes... I don't know if a step or two away would have helped: we can't go back through the Time :) Anyway next time I'm in Stockholm (this time, with a better camera) I will see if I'll meet this heron somewhere ;-)

I am not dishartened in any way: whatever critics or advice is ver valuable for me, as I am a very critical person towards my own self. This way I learn to reach perfection.

As for the bird's eye .. initially I wanted to post a different photo of the heron, but then I changed my mind. I'll post it in the workshop. I'm not sure it's better but at least nothing blocks the bird's head:)

thank you again,
best regards,
Title: a Stockholm heronCanon Ixus 50
a Stockholm heron (1)
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To Royaldevon: thank you! fanni Silver Workshop Editor [C: 5 W: 0 N: 7] (96)::2008-06-30 05:22