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Hi Joe-

Glad you like this shot, sorry to seem like I'm being elusive. As for challenging... ...yes, just part of my abnormal sense of humor. You should know after looking at my gallery that I'm not just taking pictures of a bunch of different bugs or flowers (or mushrooms). I love them all, but that's not what I'm after. Whatever makes an interesting and unusual image is fair game, and if it makes the viewer pause and reassess their perspective on nature and the world, then I've accomplished part of my goal (look for example at my "minimalist shell art" or "frozen fractal forests"). There are lots of plain white bread photos out in the real world, and I don't want to have mine in that category. When I do a show, I tell people that there is nothing ordinary in my exhibit (and they generally take look and end up agreeing with me). Nature is a lot more than the plants and animals you can see in most TN posts and I hope to capture that. Education at the same time is a good thing, fertilized by a sense of wonder and/or amazement and/or amusement. Bored people don't learn as well and alslo don't appreciate the artistic side of life.

In case you want to see a ripe milkweed pod, I've added one to the second workshop to show the contrast with my unripe one- take a look. Also, about your interest in funfungi- there are LOTS of great fungi shots on TN. Steve R in NZ (LordPotty) has a pile of strange and beautiful ones- start in my "critiques given" section and go from there. Also check for fungi themes- next to critiques, then choose "all themes". Lots of great photographers and some amazing collections to be seen. Have fun.

Best regards,

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To papajoehermit: abnormal humor BobH Silver Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 40 W: 8 N: 192] (650)::2009-04-14 19:12