To Hormon_Manyer: Hello, László!melnaapantera::2009-06-07 6:49
Thanks for kind words and constructive criticism. Unfortunately I'm not a botanic; I'm a photographer only. Therefore I cannot write what specie is this fungus. I don't know what a tree it was; I remember only it was a stuck :)

About technical: Yes, you are right - a shot was a bit overexposured :( Maybe therefore the sun was too much. About sharpness - in various photosights after photo downloading the downloaded photo automatically becomes little or more sharpened, and also after resize of image a resharpen is needed. I got here in Earth a recommendation to remember do resharpen. And it’s really possible that I a bit oversharpened :) Speaking about oversaturation and composition - I just still learn :)

Regards from Riga,
Title: Young tree-fungus in tears
Young tree-fungus in tears (1)
melnaapantera (47)
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To Hormon_Manyer: Hello, László! melnaapantera (47)::2009-06-07 06:49