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Hi Yannis

2005 I arrived in Santiago chile after 24hour flight from Tokyo and took a taxi to Portillo
After 3days I would go to Patagonia and I wanted to see rosetto viola near Santiago
I saw rosetto viola in web page and wanted to see ,but I did not know where to find
I went to Portillo by taxi and walked around lake and saw many flowers I've not seen before
They were very cute and interested,but could not find rosetto viola
I walked up and was too tired to walk because I am not good in high place
I fell down and slept some moment
I opened my eye and found it before my eyes
Maybe I cried for my joy
Viola atropurpurea is my 1st rosetto viola

After Patagonia ,I went to El Colorado and Valle Nevado and found 3 spieces
Only 1 was flower season
I want to go to Chile to see rosetto viola end of November

Please refer to this page
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