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Its one of the 360 forts of King Shivaji in Maharashtra ( one of the state of india ). Its near Nasik -- near Mumbai ( 200 km away , northen side).
Its a two day trek which covers Fort Achala and Fort Ahiwant . Best season is from Aug. end to oct. 1st week.

The route is
Mumbai- Nasik- Vani- pipari achala ( 12km from Vani on vani saputara road ) - fort achala(by walk 5km) - fort ahiwant ( by walk 12 km )- Ahiwantwadi( by walk 3 km) -vani ( trek ends )

About fort :
Huge plato on the top, one cave where u can stay , two nice ponds and sojme ruins. The View is breathtaking . teriffic clifs and nice spot to climb if u r interested

( If u r interested in Maps , i'll try to mail u ( plz. provide the mail id ))

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