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Trip Date:2007-02-18 - 2007-03-04
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by Paul van Slooten (pvs) Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1127 W: 3161 N: 254] (14464)
A few years ago I visited the krugerpark for the first time for a 3 day visit,after that short visit I knew I had a longer stay on my wishlist,since last year the idea was born to set off again in 2007
We will fly to Nelspruit and from there we will make a selfdrive with a rental car (type VW Touran),the following camps will be visited,Pretoriuskop,Lower Sabie , Satara , Olifantskamp , Skukuza and as last Berg en Dall.

Lots of information was collected while surfing on several websites,first of all off course I got a lot info from TN from other people that had visited this park,as well I got a lot of usefull info from Sanparks,concerning photography I purchased myself a multimedia storage viewer to store loads of pictures and a beanbag to replace the tripod while shooting from out of the car.

First camp of our visit is pretoriuskop where we arrive in the late afternoon after about 26 hrs travelling (from our home in sweden),our hut is located with a view on a grass field and shortly after our arrival we find out that there is quite some life in the camp as well and we see mongoose,baboons,impala,squirells,warthogs and plenty of birds during our stay in this camp,people are discouraged to feed the animals and dont leave food,close their fridges before leaving their accomodation as these camp visitors are quite handy and know where people stow their food and how to open fridges cupboards,garbage bins etc.
During our stay in pretoriuskop the temperatures were extreme high and we had the pleasure to see the white rhino with young ,hyena's ,a group lions and lots of birds.In a morning drive we had our first roadblock in the park,a group of a bout 20 elephants with some small ones were blocking the road and approached us slowly,it appeared to be a good idea to slowly back up the car to let the group continue their way before they dissappeared in the dense bush,I must say that I was impressed that a big annimal as an elephant could dissappear that fast in the bush,it is clear that the speedlimits in the park have a reason,as well you will see and enjoy lots more wildlife when you drive slower.

after 3 pleasant nights in Pretoriuskop our trip continues to Lower sabie

Lower Sabie
Second camp of our visit is LowerSabie,which is Located on the Sabie river,it has a nice restaurant with terras with a marvellous view over the sabie river,where you can see the hippos,crocs,buffalos as well as plenty birds from the terras,again we have a hut with a pleasant location with a river view.

one of the most remarkable moments in this region was after we had visited the hippopool (a place near Crocodile bridge restcamp,where you can get out of your car and go under guidance to look at hippos),when we returned on the dirt road we heard and saw impalas making warning calls to eachother and were very alert,driving a few meters further we saw a group of about 10 lions under a tree,the area was a bit bushy too make some good photographs,but we watched this spectacle for quite some time.Furthermore in the lower sabie region we had our first confrontation with a group of about 200 buffalo's which passed the road near duke waterhole.In a sunset drive we had our first brief view of the leopard and an african rock python (about 2 mtrs length) passed the road.after 3 nights our trip continues to the North.

Third camp of our visit is Satara,on route to satara on the H10 we have a a sighting of 2 lionesses together with 2 cubs, and furtheron this road we have a a sighting of two black rhinos foraging together (a bit to far away to get some descent shots but a nice sighting),the weather become later in the day a bit more unstable and it starts raining
the rain and clouds/wind are from a tropical depression that hit mozambique around these days,fortunatly we had no strong winds or whatsoever,however the sightings near satara were a bit dissappointing during this stay (maybe caused by the weatherconditions),however during a morningdrive we filmed about a half an hour a hyena family , which was busy alongside the H7,Satara is a bit bigger camp and the huts are placed in circles,since our last visit they made a swimmingpool and that was a nice surprise,on the satara webcam you can see some actual shots.
after 2 nights in Satara we continue to our most northern camp during this voyage,olifantscamp.

Fourth restcamp of our visit is Olifantscamp,on the road to Olifantscamp,we see plenty of wildlife on the S41 and later the S90,Olifantscamp is a pleasant camp and has a marvellous view on the Olifantsriver,when you look through your binoculars you can see plenty of wildlife,unfortunatly our hut did not have riverview,maybe something to consider for our next visit,during our stay in this camp we where underway to Letaba campside where we would have our breakfast,although we did not stay in this camp,this camp will be on our list the next time as it is well located with a nice view on the letaba river,on this day we had as well a not so nice experience,although not our fault,but a car crashed ours when backing up (for a sighting) while we were parked,luckely we could both continue our ways,(with only small damage a bit of paperwork).


The route which will take us to skukuza is the longest traject in our scheme,in the morning we have a roadblockof a big male buffalo obstructing tehe road,we have breakfast in satara on this day we see plenty of wildlife,skukuza is the biggest restcamp,but although its big we enjoyed our stay,we had a nice morning drive and on the sabie river we had a 2nd opportunity to see the leopard,unfortunatly he vanished quite fast in the thick bush and had no time to photograph it,during a nightdrive from skukuza we see lots of game and is a must to do when you have the possibility.
after two pleasant nights in skukuza we already go to our last restcamp.

Berg en Dal

This is our last restcamp and we will only be here one night,after a view of the campsite and followed a piece of the rhino trail,we agreed to relax a bit in the swimming pool,in this pool one of the most unexpected things happened during our stay in the krugerpark,just when out of the pool after a swim we heard a splash in the water,my partner started yelling straight away to 2 other girls still in the water as a green snake fel into the pool from the tree above,after a little panic,girls left the pool and the snake climbed out of the pool and climbed the same tree again,some other folks arrived at the poolside and after a while the same rite happened again,the snake appeared to chase a frog who was swimming in the pool,the snake appeared to be an adult boomslang(treesnake) which is one of the most venomous snakes in southern africa,so be carefull in the berg en dal poolside.
After our last night in kruger we decide to leave the park at the same gate (numbi gate) as we entered,a good choiche as on our route to the exit we have a meeting with a pack of wilddogs.

26 hrs later after we left the numbipark we arrive tired but safe home again,everything is white (snow) and cold (around freezing point) again,we hope to visit this Park soon again in the future.

Thanks for reading the traveloque,it was my first one and hope you liked it.