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Three Fingers Reflection
Three Fingers Reflection (8)
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Trip Date:2008-09-12 - 2008-09-13
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by Joshua Lewis (JoshLewis) Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 56 W: 248 N: 2] (909)
Me, and Gimpilator on September 12, 2008 went to Three Fingers. When I heard the news, I could hardly wait, I been wanting to go here longer than any other mountain that I have waited.... about 3 years, the reason I did'nt go a long time ago because my mother always way busy around the time of year that it was avalible, or bad weather, or money problems. I pack my gear, and head out there on a Friday Night, so that we could get an early start. The road had a few bumps, but was better than I expected. When we started hiking through the woods, thank goodness for the moon light because I forgot my headlamp, and relied mostly on Adams. As we hike through the woods, I catch a view of the Three Fingers through the dark shadow trees.

We eventual grow very tired, so we decide that at about 2.5 miles there's a lake that made a good spend the night spot, although there was lots of mud, and a little bit of snow, but atleast it was good enough. I slept great, better than at home. I enjoy some oat meal I brought, and its just after sunrise, and we then pack up our stuff, and continue up the trail.

There were lots of flowers along the way, as well as bees, and mosquitoes.
After a while, it finally cleared up, and at mile marker 5 we were at Goat Flats.
After getting to Goat flats, we put on some bug repelant, and boy did that help, plus we were going to higher altitude. At this point, there were lots of flowers. Later we eventually arrive to Tin Pan Gap.
At this point, snow was present, and we were unsure what to do at this point. If we crossed the snow below, it could be dangerous, and above was very steep and icy. This really worried me. Adam attempted to cross the snow, but turned around and said it was too dangerous unless it was the only way. Fortunatly we went above which is what the climbers on the way up told us not to do, but we did anyway and went in between the snow and rock squeesed up in a crack. At one point, the room became so thin, I got stuck, but managed to get out. Later when we got to the top, we got lucky, and did'nt have to climb up onto the snow, and scramled back onto the trail. (we avoided a dangerous spot)

After that, we hiked along the ridge, and boy was it cliffy, but that would'nt stop us from reaching the top. Before getting to the summit, there was a snow field, which is when we started to use our ice axes, but it was'nt too surious. A little further, and we got to the Three Ladders. Below the latters was a giant cliff, which means hold on for dear life! When climbing the second ladder, I got a sliver, which there were lots sticking out. And when going onto the Third ladder which you have to climb onto a rock, the latter looked as if it were only held by a rope, and it creeked as I went onto it, almost making me worried, but thank goodness there was also a rope you could hang onto just incase. I got past the third latter, and crawled the last 10 feet to the summit which there was a house. At the summit was a very good view... I would say 360, but you have to go to diffrent spots for the full 360, the house covers part of it.

The first thing I did when getting to the summit, I yelled in joy of reaching the summit. My friend the day before said that I could'nt do it, but I was able to do it. To my suprise, there were lots of books in the inside, and even a bed! But when the wind blows, you can hear the creeking of the house, which gives me the idea that the house is a little loose, but good enough. After about an hour or so, we had to head down, which again we were careful down the ladders.

The way down was better than my normal ways down, not only was it day, but for some reason it did'nt leave me feeling sick which I normally do, this was probably due to our great even pace. I'm not saying it was a skip and a jump, it was difficult to get to the summit, but some how not madness as it does other times.
Later, we got back to the part which you have to squees your self through, but fortunatly it was much easier on the way down. I have to admit, there was a lot of up and down on the ridge.
On the way down just as we were headed down for Tin Pan Gap, a Ptarmigan isright infront of me, and I take a few shots, and Adam whispers to me that the babies are on my left, which suprised me because rarly do I ever get this close to wild birds, plus the young ones too!

After that, we still had a long ways, after all Three Fingers is about 17 miles round trip. Later, we stop to filter some water, but besides that, we did not brake much. We talked a lot, and eventually came to the area we camped at. It was starting to become sunset, so we grabbed the rest of our gear, and headed down.

I got a headache on the way down, but besides that, I was enjoying my self, even though my body was tired. I had the feeling were I did not quite want to leave, but you know you have to... perhaps to return to mountains again, the most beautiful place in world.