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Clinging to Survival (30)
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A rare red phase Ebony Leaf Monkey baby clings precariously to a treetop near Mount Semeru in eastern Java. Mom (black tail, at left) seems in no hurry to answer baby's cries. She may feel precarious, too. Poached when she, herself, was an infant, she's spent years in captivity and at a wildlife rehabilitation center. She and about 40 other Ebony Leaf Monkeys (a.k.a. langurs or lutung) were released to the wild days before this photo was taken.

Working alongside the local NGO ProFauna affored a great opportunity to spend several days shooting baby Intan and her tribe. We were afraid the troop would bolt immediately from their release cages. They did--and right into our treetop blind! Intan would often be "parked" with us for babysitting while Mom went foraging or took a break. We kept our distance physically. But emotionally, I'm not so sure. It was awfully hard to leave these guys!

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IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102)
out of the blue...
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Steve (LordPotty) admirably confessed that this image was looking blue--something that had bugged me as well since posting.

Am I allowed to workshop my own photo??

Anyway, in curves I took down blue highlights then lifted RGB highlights while holding down the darker bits. Then added a bit of saturation to this densely shaded scene. I think this is an improvement--thanks Steve!

This was a "grab shot" captured on my Nikon D70 while my Fuji S2 was anchored down to the 500/f4 monster. In general, I find it a challenge to get nice colors out of that D70. Especially in shady conditions--merely warming up color temperature leads to a sepia-toned muddiness, I find. The Fuji, on the other hand, gives Velvia-like colors in all conditions, including shade. D200 is better than the D70, but still not Fuji-colored. I'll now tackle this issue in a forum.

To be continued...