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Back to those Six-Spot Burnets moths (Zygaena filipendulae) seen here on a nature reserve which is also an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Intrest) which means that some thing that lives there is so rare it needs special protection of the law to help it to continue to surviving at all. Here it is the Natterjack toad which lives in the temperory pools between the sand dunes.By the way it is illegal for me to picture one even if I had seen one.
The six-spot is actually the commonest of the burnets, they are all day flying in nature and may be seen on the wing in June and July, tending to be found in colonies (groups) so largish numbers may be seen at a location they favour.
the caterpillars are yellow and black, (I will do a repost of the TE image I have of one)and they overwinter as caterpillars , when it warms up in the spring it has a quick feed up to boost reserves then pupate on a plant stem in a staw yellow cocoon protecting the chrysalis.
This mating pair are not perfect , the black / dark green gave a lot of trouble to get the exposure right to still see the back ground and not a complete white out of over exposure, this means the male at the bottom is a little dark though in reality the males seem to be a purer black than the females who have a touch of metalic green in the wings.Plus he insisted on being at a different angle to her.I was there for 3/4hr trying to get a better than this one, this believe me was the best of them, seen here on one of the many course grasses holding the snad dunes together.
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Not the best cloning I know, but I wanted to see waht it looked like with the blade that was in front, behind. If that makes sense. Hope you like it. :-)