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Orange Back Wasp Moth (14)
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Tiger Moths are small to medium in size. They usually have bright warning colour patterns, which are spotted in red, orange, black or white. Their stout abdomen usually striped with black and yellow-red colour. The stripes give rise to the name "Tiger Moths". They are either distasteful or to predator or are mimic of distasteful species. Some even produce foul chemical.

Most Tiger Moths fly at night but some are day-fliers. They do not fly very fast.

Most Caterpillars of the Arctiidae are covered in dense dark hairs, which gives them the name "Woolly Bears". The hairs can cause irritation in sensitive skin. The caterpillars are small to medium size. The caterpillars usually active during the daytime. If disturbed, they will roll into a tight spiral.

Most Arctiidae caterpillars feed on herbaceous plants and easy to rear. Some are feed on mosses and algae, which they need more moisture environment. They pupate in a loosen silken cocoon made of their hairs and other plants materials.

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Thank you for TN members given critics on my photo,
especially Nagraj.v and Peter, they suggest me to adjust the photo brighter.
Thanks guys and this look more better than before.