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Baby Sparrow for Anna (46)
Miss_Piggy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 2285 W: 5 N: 5300] (18714)
Baby Sparrow / Passer domesticus

Today's image of the baby Sparrow I dedicate to our 2nd grandchild, Anna (please see the workshop), a beautiful little girl who was born on the 26th August 2013, and as you can see is my namesake, which I am very proud of.

Anna, just as Nina is a precious little girl and a real blessing to all, but especially for us, Loot and me, the grandparents. She is so sweet and peaceful, extremely lovely and a real gift from God. The name Anna means: Favour and Grace.

Many stunning images and valuable information of sparrows have featured in the gallery on numerous occasions by well known members. However, I cannot recall that I have seen a baby sparrow featured in the gallery, other than the one I posted of the same sparrow way back in 2008.

I was very fortunate to have spotted this tiny, newly born sparrow on one of my daily trips around the garden.

I think it was instinct to let me look down to the grass and there right in front of my feet was this cutie pie looking straight up at me with this sweet and innocent expression on its face. I do not want to think what would have happened if I had taken one more step.

I just could not let this moment pass, and fell down on my stomach (grassroots level), coming eye-to-eye with the little one and captured this unique moment. It was such a special feeling coming so close to the bird's face and having the opportunity to photograph it.

As it seemed like the parents were busy teaching this little one to fly, I did not want to disturb them too much or delay the process and only took a few shots. It was very hot and humid, and I can imagine it being very tiring for the little one to have its first flying lessons in the scorching sun. It reached 39C on that day.

I moved away but must admit I was very curious to see how the flying process would develop and take place. I think the parents watched me, and were not happy with my presence because nothing happened except their loud voices that sounded like they were scolding and squealing at me. The little one stayed put. I decided to slowly walk around the house, and passing the spot, the youngster was not there anymore. My eye caught it sitting in the shadow of a shrub in one of the flower beds.

I felt sorry for it, because of the terrible heat, but did not want to touch it, as I have learnt that once a human touches a baby bird the parents may reject it and subsequently would not want anything to do with it. I just could not let that happen. Once again I strolled around the house, and on my return the little one was gone. Later on, I heard sounds coming from the nest and I knew the little chick succeeded with its first lesson in flight.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this photo as much as I took pleasure in taking it.

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Miss_Piggy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 2285 W: 5 N: 5300] (18714)
Baby Anna
Edited by:Miss_Piggy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 2285 W: 5 N: 5300] (18714)

I am so grateful and very proud that this precious little baby is my namesake, and I will love her just as much and as dearly as I do with Nina, our first grandchild born in 2010. This photo was taken when she was only 4 days old.