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rubyfantacy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 84 W: 1 N: 417] (2627)
I had been exploring n admiring Ghiloni Park for last one year.. i had known that deers were there. Local people, who have houses at the borders of this forest, had seen (and still do) wild animals enjoying their lawns or gardens (at times).. or just had crossed it. I saw a herd of deers last winter.. in Sudbury. But in Ghiloni? no! Until that day..

We were out for a walk.. and i was telling Anuya (a friend of mine) about the possibilities of deers in that forest. It was something new to her, she seemed excited n surprised. But within no time, she pointed out some deers! :D

With naked eyes, it was very difficult to even see. They were at far.. like dots. zoomed in, and a whole family was there! Thanks to her, i saw deers in Ghiloni Park! It was extremely cold on that day. I already had a long photo-shoot.. no gloves.. my hands were turning red and hard. Could bleed anytime. There was no possibility that i could hold the camera again, also against that harsh wind.. But excitements can make you do anything! Lol. Since my hands were trembling.. no tripod.. and the subjects were at far.. i got all blurred shots. The herd started moving away too. Luckily, this one came good.

So bear with me.. just wanted to share my excitement of seeing deers in Ghiloni Park.. :)

This is a baby.. the adults were very alert, and had noticed me with doubts (don't forget, hunting deers is legal here.. unfortunately!)
The adults started packing up. But the kids would stop and look back in curiosity.. so sweet!

Common name: White-tailed Deer
Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus
Location: Ghiloni Park, Marlborough
Date: January 29, 2014

Thanks for viewing! :)

NB: Check the photograph in Workshop. That's how the forest looked with naked eyes. Now find out where the deers are! Homework ;) :D

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rubyfantacy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 84 W: 1 N: 417] (2627)
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Okay, as i said. This is the forest as could be seen with naked eyes. Now find out the deers! ;)