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Pitangus sulphuratus... (22)
nofer Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1190 W: 366 N: 811] (2307)
This is resident (and born!) in the back yard of my house! Here he got ready to take water in the source.
The strongest light is behind the bird but taste of the picture and your opinion will be important.

"Tyrant flycatcher
Pitangus sulphuratus

1. it annotates of the bug:

Vulgar names: Tyrant flycatcher; bentevi-true; well-you-see-of-coria; well-you-see-of-crown; pituã; pitanguá; pitaguá and puintaguá (indigenous); sad-life; bentevi-of-crown; tiuí; teuí; tic-tiui; siririca (female); great kiskadee (USA); bichofêo, vintevêo and bentevêo (Argentina) and qu'est - ce in French Guiana.
Scientific name: Pitangus sulphuratus (Linnaeus, 1766) or the synonym, Lanius sulphuratus (Linnaeus, 1766)
Origin of Nome:Seu popular name (tyrant flycatcher) he/she has origin onomatopéica, because when they vocalize is possible to listen to him/it to repeat all of the syllables or it leaves of them.
Subordem: Tyranni
Family: Tyrannidae (Tiranídeos). it is in this family, for the fact sometimes to be overbearing, that is, attacks other birds and even others you encourage when if it is threatened. It is very common to see him/it giving low and pecks in birds of prey (mainly hawks), that you/they enter in his/her territory.
Subfamily: Tyranninae
Gender: Pitangus sp
Species: Pitangus sulphuratus. They exist at least 4 subspecieses.

2. like him it is?

The tyrant flycatcher is a bird of brown coloration, in the area of the back, and yellowish in the area of the womb. His/her beak is flattened, long, resistant and a little bent. Therefore above their eyes, there is a great white strip, and in the high of his/her crown, there is a stripe that varies from yellow-clearing to the orange-alive. It measures from 22,0 to 25 centimeters, weighing from 54 to 60 grams."

Thank you for the visit!
Foto tirada na natureza. (NÃO É CATIVEIRO!!)
Photo shot in the nature. (IT IS NOT CAPTIVITY!!)

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nofer Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1190 W: 366 N: 811] (2307)
more light
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Hi Jose,
the bird is a little dark, special the eye.
I gave more light and hope, you like it, bye
Sabine - wishnugaruda